Small V-Wheel with Plate 3D Printer Parts or 2020 V-Type Aluminum Profile Wheels, FEYRINX Openbuilds V Gantry Plate Set

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High-quality content Durable and dependable construction using polyoxymethylene and an aluminum alloy. SCOPE OF APPLICATION: compatible with aluminum extrusion from the 2020V series.IMAGE SIZE: Plate dimensions are T3mmx65.5mmx65.5mm, and the little V-wheel has a 25mm diameter. Easy installation: Come with free wrench, simple to put together and take apart. ATTENTION: Only 2020 V-slot can suit this item. The 2020 T-slot aluminum extrusion will not fit.

V Slot Gantry Plate, POM Wheels Set with Plate for Aluminum Extrusion, a spare pack of two eccentric spacers, and two replacement round columns are also included.

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One assembled set of v-slot gantry plates is included in the package. Additionally, supplied as a bonus 2 pieces of round columns and 2 pieces of hexagonal eccentric spacers.For you, a great value accessory package for 3D printing. Plastic 3D printer wheels with precision steel bearings for 3D printing are the material and specification. Specification:POM Pully Wheel: 10mm (0.4") in height and 5mm (0.2") in inner diameter. 【Features】Professional 3D printing accessories are available from SeekLiny. The POM pulley wheels are manufactured using strict design and testing procedures, resulting in smooth and steady operation; quiet designed with minimum friction and strong and long-lasting bearing.Get our POM wheel to improve the quality of your work. Make a strong performance for aluminum extrusion from the 2020 series. Any issues with the 3D print wheel will be resolved quickly by our skilled team thanks to our 5-star customer service rating.

2 pieces of 400mm V-slot 2040 aluminum extrusion linear rail for CNC DIY and 3D printer parts are available in anodized black.

Price: $17.99

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V Slot 2040; 6063 Aluminum; Product Type. Slot dimensions are 6.2mm wide, 20*40mm in size, 400mm long, and 1.5mm thick. High-quality, high-strength aluminum profile that meets European standards. The surface has been anodized, making it smoother and cleaner. Widely Applications include machinery, fitness equipment, fine-printing equipment, automatic cutting machines, professional 3D printers, workbenches, lasers, stands, and furniture. 2 PCS, 20 mm x 40 mm x 400 mm, per package.

For the CNC Kossel Black Wheel (Big Pulley Wheels), Zeberoxyz Big V Wheel with Plate for 2020V-Slot Aluminum Profile 3D Printer Accessories Parts Set

Price: $17.59China l shape aluminium profile

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100% brand-new and high-quality Material: High-quality Aluminum Alloy and Polyoxymethylene, strong, long-lasting, and rustless Dimensions: Plate: L*W*H:65.5mmx65.5mmx3mm/2.58x2.58x0.12Inch, Big V-Wheel diameter:24mm/0.94Inch Widely Used: Fit 2020V series Aluminum extrusion; for 3D Packing List: Big V-Wheel Kit, 1PCS, 1Kit with Support Plate 8 to 10 mm open end wrench

Compatible with 2020 Series V-Slot Aluminum Profiles Linear Rail 3D Printer CNC, 1-Pack Assembled 20mm V Gantry Plate Kit

Price: $11.99

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With a black finish, aluminum is used to make the gantry plate, and POM is used to make the wheel shells. Suitable for use with aluminum 20x20 V-Slot profiles or linear rail It has wheels built in, making installation really simple. 1 set of assembled gantry plate kit in the package

Aluminum V Gantry Plate, 20 to 80mm Linear Universal Rail (Board with 4 Plastic Pulleys and Bearings) for 3D Printers with V Slot Gantry Plate

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Wide Range of Uses: The gantry plate is widely used in milling machines, CNC lathes, gear hobbing machines, and other equipment for gear shaping and drilling. foldable slots Timing belt may now be folded back and clamped into position with ease thanks to the addition of folding slots. Good Substitution: When larger wheels are needed, this gantry panel's 20mm extruded surface makes an ideal replacement for a tiny V plate. High durability and strength: Because it is composed of aluminum, the gantry panel has a high level of strength and longevity. Black Anodizing Process: This gantry board's surface is black anodized, which has good wear, heat, and corrosion resistance and a more solid construction.

20-80mm V-Slot 3D Printer Linear Universal Rail, Aluminum Gantry Plate

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It is a scaled-down version of the bigger V-slot gantry plate and is made of aluminum. High Strength: Capable of withstanding repeated use. When larger wheels are required, only use with the 20mm side of the extrusions; this is a perfect alternative to the tiny V plate. widely utilized in equipment transmission situations such as milling machines, gear shapers, drilling machines, CNC engine lathes, and hobbing machines One Gantry Plate is included in the package. Approx.T3x88x127mm

For use with a 3D printer, Befenybay 13PCS 2020V Polyoxymethylene Wheel Big Plastic Pulley Wheel with Bearing

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Polyoxymethylene, a dependable and long-lasting material Fit for 2020V series Aluminum extrusion: Widely Used Dimensions: Height: 10.2mm, Inner diameter: 5mm, and Outside Diameter: 24mm. Application used with the Ender 3, CR-10, and Tevo Tarantula 3D printers. Packaging includesPulley Wheel 13 Pieces

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