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How to install blinds in bedroom?

The sense of light and shadow lines of the blinds is very beautiful, wooden blindthe feeling of installation in the bedroom is simple and warm, but the research on the cleaning technology of the traditional Chinese louvers is very complicated and tricky, so the bedroom wants to install the blinds, it is recommended that we must choose to have built-in louvers, built-in louvers do not need to be cleaned, and do not accumulate dust; Bedroom installation of insulating glass built-in blinds can also get better thermal insulation, air conditioning enterprises can develop more efficient and energy-saving, which is no other as a control curtain can not be compared.

Shadows in the bedroom are related to our sleep and life experience. window blindsThe lighting must be good. After all, it's about sleep quality. It is good to pursue the effect of light and shade. Built-in blinds are still a good choice, compared with ordinary blinds, built-in blinds shading performance is better, fully able to meet the needs of daily sleep.

Finally, in order to better living experience, venetian blindit is recommended to install a layer of gauze curtain while installing built-in louvers, which is not only more beautiful, but also meets the shortcomings of built-in louvers that cannot protect privacy when the bedroom is ventilated. After all, the built-in blinds are built into the glass. If you need to open the window for ventilation at night, and can not protect privacy well in the bedroom, then with the gauze curtain, the privacy problem is perfectly solved!

Of course, the bedroom is more recommended built-in electric blinds, one-button switch, do not need to manually switch curtains, big lazy welfare!

Electric blinds, also known as multifunctional curtains, are made in China, and their Windows and blades are operated by remote control panels. There are a variety of colors to choose from, widely used, such as public buildings, factories, shopping centers, warehouses, communities, villas and so on.

Kitchen, bathroom and other wet areas of the curtain, we all like to use manual or electric car control of aluminum blinds, not only can shade the performance of the shading has excellent, but also need to use a simple operation is convenient, it is better to clean.

1. The flowers are colorful. In fact, the aluminum alloy leaves can be printed, and the color is colorful, and the pattern is very much, which brings vitality to the bedroom window.

2. Functional. Aluminum shutters have good shading and shielding, can be heat insulation shading, flexibility and UV blocking effect is also good.

3. Good elasticity. Aluminum alloy shutter surface is relatively smooth, feel particularly good, but also has a good elasticity.

4. Wide range of application. Aluminum shutter not only has excellent shading and blocking performance, but also can be adjusted according to the needs of users. No light is completely under your control, so it has a wide range of applications.

5. Energy saving. It can help students improve the cooling and heating effect of air conditioning in summer, and indirectly achieve the purpose of energy saving design of enterprises.

6. Don't disappear. Whether it is the top slot of the aluminum shutter, the bottom slot, the installation code, it is coated with different colors of paint, so it will not fade due to long-term sunshine.

7. Good toughness. Installation and use, even if folded or twisted can easily rebound, excellent toughness, not easy to break.

8. Compact. The utility model also effectively ensures that the ladder strap is not easy to break and prolongs the service life of the product.

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