How to choose a server and what should you consider?

Perhaps what everyone is most concerned about is how to choose a server that suits them. Generally speaking, when selecting a server, you need to measure performance indicators from the following dimensions:

1. Availability

Availability refers to the percentage of time during a period of time that a server is available for normal use by visitors.Server rack cabinet Improving availability can be achieved in two ways: reducing hardware mean time to failure and leveraging dedicated functional mechanisms. Dedicated functional mechanisms can automatically execute system or component switching mechanisms in the event of failure to avoid or reduce unplanned downtime.

2. High performance

As the name suggests, it means that the comprehensive performance index of the server should be high. The main requirements are high performance indicators in terms of running speed, disk space, fault tolerance, scalability,rack 42u stability, monitoring functions and power supply. In particular, performance indicators such as the hot-swappable performance of hard drives and power supplies and the adaptive capabilities of network cards must be high.


Modularity means that the power supply, network card, SCSI card, hard disk and other components have a modular structure,server rack server and all have hot-swappable functions and can be maintained online, thus greatly reducing the possibility of system shutdown. In particular, distributed power technology allows each important component to have an independent power supply.

4. Scalability

In order to enable the server to be upgraded smoothly as the load increases and to ensure the security and stability of the server's work, the scalability performance of the server must be regarded as an important measurement indicator. First, sufficient space must be reserved on the rack for the addition of hard drives and power supplies. Secondly, the slots on the host must not only be complete in variety, but also have a certain margin.


Manageability refers to whether the management of the server is convenient and fast, and whether the application software is rich. In terms of manageability, personal computer servers based on the Windows NT/2000 platform are better than Unix servers.

Of course, in addition to the above factors, you need to consider them when purchasing a server. Factors such as brand, price, after-sales service and manufacturer strength also need to be taken into consideration.