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Chinese Seal Five Dragon Customization Customized Chinese Chop Free Translation Stamp for Chinese Name Seal Chinese Name Stamp

Material: organic The Stone of Shoushan Shushan Stone, the traditional "four seals" one in China, is located in Fuzhou.

Dimensions: 2.5*2.5*6 cm; handcrafted seals add a polished and comprehensive touch to your artwork Unless you select one of the three styles listed in 21-22-23, we will add English.

We will translate your name into Chinese and create a lovely seal at no cost to you.

English should have no more than six syllables.

no more than two words.

There should only be four syllables in Chinese.

Please trust that we will choose the best stone for you to produce because each seal is made of natural stone and has a unique pattern that may differ from the photographs.

For Chinese people, seals represent a rich cultural heritage that embodies the best aspects of calligraphy and sculpting, encouraging learning, appreciation, and generational collecting.

Signing with private seals is common in China.

They have inscribed their names, pen names, and even phrases on the seals.

Artists frequently use private seals to autograph their creations.

Chinese people use private seals to sign documents, including letters.

Imprue has introduced a new personalized custom seal embosser.

Adding style to any workstation Carefully designed to provide clear impressions on foil labels, books, pictures, stationery, envelopes, and greeting cards available with a round die of 1-5/8" Customized with your text of choice or name.

Rubber personalized stamps with a custom logo, double round border, and three lines of text; self-inking stamper; stamps for local businesses; personalized business stamps

Customized Double Round Border Stamp with Three Lines of Text - Rubber - Self-Inking Stamper Customized Stamp - Local Business Stamps - Customized Business Stamps WAYS TO PERSONALIZE: soon after you submit your order.

An automatic email will be sent to you requesting modification.

All you have to do is reply to that email with your logo and personalization.

Submit a one-color logo to us, if at all possible.

JPG and PNG files can be uploaded to .

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing any problems uploading your file.

The stamp is 1.625" in diameter.

By Holmes Stamp & Sign, manufactured in Jacksonville, Florida

Custom Wax Seal Stamp Kits, comprising 6 pieces of detachable brass heads with a single wooden handle, ideal for wedding party invites, wrapping paper, envelopes, thank-you cards, and a 6-design Christmas set

Price: $29.99

Timeless and Sturdy: The wooden handle and brass head of this wax sealing stamp provide long-lasting use and robustness.

Patterns that are Removable: The head's distinctive design allows it to be easily customized by swapping out the wax stamps for other designs based on the occasion or the wearer's preferences.

A unique and elegant touch can be added to your mails, invitations, and gifts with a custom wax seal stamp, which has multiple uses such as candle closures, letters, and invitations.

Simple to Operate: Just melt the candle, pour it over the letter or invitation, cover it with the seal stamp, and watch for a gorgeous wax seal to appear in a few seconds.

Carefully Crafted and Hand Polished: Every wax seal is meticulously made to guarantee exceptional quality and provide you with the ideal wax sealing experience!

Hand-carved Name Stamp with Custom Chinese Calligraphy and Painting

Price: $59.99
branding tool for wood

Material: Dandong stone, the original "four seals" of China.

Note that the stones shown are only examples.

Since every stone is unique, their look may vary from what is seen in the picture.

Input the text you like to have engraved on the seal.

Please try to use brief words while writing in English, which we will translate for free.

or enter the Chinese characters you choose.

A collection of seals is a must-have for everyone interested in Chinese calligraphy and painting, as they may fulfill all your demands.

This makes a wonderful present for Chinese friends or people that enjoy art as well.

Chinese culture has influenced Seal since ancient times, and each star has their own seal.

The Chinese seal art incorporates calligraphy, painting, engraving, and carving into one cohesive piece, making it a priceless piece of traditional Chinese art.

Calligraphic inscriptions and seals are essential components of Chinese brush painting compositions, as they are an integral part of the painting itself.

Personalized Name Stamp: Waterproof Name Seal for Kids Clothes School Nursery - Custom Self-Inking Name Stamp for Clothing

Price: $8.69

【HIGH-QUALITY PLASTIC】 With its sturdy construction and comfortable handling, this stamp is composed of high-quality plastic.

【Size】A lovely, user-friendly, personalized stamp measuring approximately 0.47 inches by 1.41 inches (1.2 cm by 3.6 cm) will be sent to you.

It is intended to be used for marking clothing and other items.

【Feature】Compact and smooth, round and smooth, and safe for your hands; features clear stamp markers that don't fade.

Its adorable appearance makes it simple to draw notice from others.

It may also be used as an ornament on desks or tea tables.

【Simple Design, Easy to Use】clothing stamp requires no ironing or sewing—it just requires a little push to imprint the name on the item.

Kids' stamps can be printed on clothing, uniforms, shoes, paper, cards, books, bottles, lunchboxes, and more.

They can also be given as gifts by teachers to their students.

Custom Rubber Stamp Personalized Self-Inking Notary Seal Seal Ink Trodat 4913 Self-Ink Notary Stamp - 7/8" x 2-3/8" Impression Area

Please mail the manufacturer's certificate to 4231 Business Center Drive, Unit 11, Fremont, California 94538.

Customized Self-Inking Notary Stamp for the State of California; available in black, red, or blue ink colors.

Kindly transport your manufacturer's certificate.

Notary stamps are self-inking, easily replaceable ink pads, and are used as office stamps.

Each pad has over 5000 impressions.

silent, seamless operation, and climate neutrality.

Notary Stamp with Self-Inking Cap For use on notary journals and papers, this rectangular stamp is ideal.

The notary stamp's dimensions are 58 mm by 22 mm.

6 must-have chicken egg stamp

2024 Performance-driven custom clothing stamp