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The development history of leather is much longer than what we have contacted and imagined, and it has a wide range of applications. We can easily come into contact with many leather products in our daily life, such as leather sofas, leather shoes,laserpecker compact laser engraver leather bags, leather clothes, leather belts, leather car seat covers, leather TV backdrops and so on. It can be said that the use of leather is almost all over the corners of our life.

Humans always keep remodeling and upgrading their favorite things to satisfy their desires. Of course, human beings can't just be satisfied with the dull and unadorned items made of leather.laserpecker 11 So, people start to use their imagination to carve out their favorite patterns and designs on leather to meet their aesthetic standards. However, do you know the processing technology of leather products?

The initial leather processing mainly relies on manual labor to complete. Leather craftsmen used knives to carve out the patterns and designs on the leather paper one by one. However, this way labor cost is high, and handmade time-consuming and laborious. Later, leather processing technology began to use cutting machine, embossing machine, embroidery machine and other mechanical equipment, although the processing speed has been improved, but the labor cost is still very high, and the effect is not fine enough, which fundamentally restricts the development of the leather industry. Therefore, people need a technology to replace the traditional manual engraving leather. Laser due to its non-contact processing method, will not cause any damage to the leather, and has a fast, fine, hollowing not burnt edge characteristics, so by the majority of leather producers favor. Laser leather laser marking machine was born to solve the traditional handmade and mechanical in leather punching, cutting and engraving process on many problems!

Leather laser marking machine is a laser as a light source processing laser equipment. It uses high-energy, high-density laser beam can be fast, efficient and stable cutting materials. Leather is an important field of application of laser marking machine. Leather laser marking machine can either burnish engraving patterns on leather, or skeleton punching and cutting. Its engraving speed is very fast, so it is highly praised in the leather industry, especially in the shoe processing industry.

Leather laser marking machine in leather processing has the following advantages:

1. laser power density, the workpiece absorbs the laser temperature rises rapidly and melting or vaporization, even for high melting point, hardness and brittle materials (such as ceramics, diamond, etc.) can also be processed by laser;

2. the laser head is not in contact with the workpiece, so there is no question of the processing tool wearing out the material;

3. the workpiece is not affected by stress and is not easily contaminated;

4. the workpiece is not subject to stress and is not easily contaminated; 4. it is possible to process moving workpieces or materials sealed in a glass housing;

5. the divergence angle of the laser beam can be less than 1 milliradian, the spot diameter can be as small as the micrometer scale, the action time can be as short as nanoseconds and picoseconds. At the same time, the continuous output power of high-power lasers can be up to the order of kilowatts to ten kilowatts, so the laser is suitable for both precision microfabrication and large-scale material processing;

6. Laser beam is easy to control, easy and precision machinery, precision measurement technology and electronic computer combination, realize the processing of highly automated and achieve high processing accuracy;

Leather laser processing has many advantages, it can be said that the laser marking technology is currently one of the most suitable for leather processing technology!

In short, the emergence of leather laser marking machine for leather processing has brought revolutionary changes. It not only improves the processing efficiency and precision, but also reduces the cost and environmental pollution. With the continuous progress of science and technology, I believe that the leather laser marking technology will be more widely used and development in the future.