In the process of learning electronics, do you have a question circuit boards are integrated circuits? About printed circuit boards (PCB) and integrated circuits (IC), many people are a little confused about these two concepts, in fact, it is easy to distinguish,2 oz copper thickness in mm today Shenzhen Qinji Electronics to sort out the difference between PCB and integrated circuits.

First of all, let us understand the concept of PCB.

PCB (Printed Circuit Board), also known as printed circuit boards and printed circuit boards, is an important electronic component, is the support body of electronic components, but also the carrier of the electrical connection of electronic components. It is called a "printed" circuit board because it is made using electronic printing techniques.

The current circuit board, mainly by the line and the map surface (Pattern), dielectric layer (Dielectric), hole (Through hole / via), solder resist ink (Solder resistant/Solder Mask), silk screen (Legend /Marking/Silk screen) and surface treatment ( Surface Finish) and so on.

Next, let's understand the concept of integrated circuits.

Integrated circuit (integrated circuit) is actually a miniature electronic device or component. Using a certain process, a circuit will need to use transistors, resistors, capacitors and inductors and other components and wiring are interconnected together, made in a small piece or a few small semiconductor wafers or dielectric substrate, and then encapsulated in a casing, to become a miniature structure with the required circuit function; which all the components in the structure of the structure of the whole, is the electronic components to the micro-miniaturization,plated through hole vs via low-power and intelligent and high-reliability aspects. Intelligent and high reliability of electronic components to the micro-miniaturization, low power consumption and high reliability of a major step forward in the important parts, we often use "IC" to represent the integrated circuit.

According to the different functions and structures, integrated circuits can be divided into analog integrated circuits, digital integrated circuits and digital / analog hybrid integrated circuits.

Integrated circuits have the advantages of small size, light weight, fewer lead wires and soldering points, long life, high reliability and good performance, low cost, easy to mass production and so on.

So what is the relationship between PCBs and integrated circuits?

Integrated circuits generally refers to the integration of chips, like the motherboard on the North Bridge chip, CPU internal are called integrated circuits, initially called integrated blocks. PCB refers to the circuit boards we usually see, as well as printed and soldered chips on the circuit board.

Simply put, the integrated circuit is a general-purpose circuit integrated into a chip to form a whole, once its internal damage, then the chip is also hiccups fart, but! PCB is able to weld their own components, bad can also be replaced with components, convenient, we can remember this way: integrated circuits (ICs) are welded to PCB circuit boards; and PCB boards are integrated circuits (ICs) carrier! .