Five sex learning supplies for couples to enhance the sexual life of student couples

Love is not only the basis of the relationship between husband and wife, wand adult toy but also the basis of the relationship between husband and wife.

How to maintain the heat of love is something that many couples are very worried about, viberater for women because once they say goodbye to love and enter the bottleneck period, quarrels and even cheating will follow. Love needs freshness, in addition to the couple's attitude towards love, some small skills are also essential.

If a couple has lived for a long time, hands free clit stimulator they will inevitably experience emotional crises such as the seven year Itch, and sex will become boring because they are too familiar with each other's bodies, so in this case, what couple sex toys can improve the quality of sex between the couple? Check out these 5 sex toys to enhance the lifestyle of French couples today with spring tide

1. av vibrator

Av vibrator is a kind of sex toy that often appears in Japanese romantic action movies. It is mainly used to stimulate the female clitoris for pleasure.

2. Egg skipping

Jumping egg, also known as shaking egg, is named because it resembles an egg. Due to its small size and large irritation, it can mainly be used to stimulate the clitoris, but also to improve the entire enterprise to the vagina, anus, and can also be used as stimulation to treat nipples and other sensitive problem parts. Common jumping eggs are: wireless jumping eggs, frequency conversion jumping eggs, single jumping eggs and so on.

3. Sexy underwear

Pajamas bought well, the husband comes home early. Underwear can also be sex toys. Many girls use it to seduce men, but men are also happy to see women wearing it to arouse them,

For those who want to increase female charm and save the life of a couple, sexy underwear is undoubtedly a good choice.

4. husband and wife resonator

A couple resonator is an adult device that couples and men can use together during sex. The main function of the couple resonator is to stimulate the couple under the action of the male and female resonators. For example, women can stimulate the clitoris or G-spot at the same time, while men can make the penis firmer and feel more sensitive and long-lasting. The use of male and female resonators can promote sexual harmony between couples. More and more couples begin to use lovers male and female resonators, lovers, lovers, boyfriends have the value of lovers resonators.

5. delay spraying

There is only one time when a man is not long enough to have a better chance of developing an orgasm for a woman.

The delayed spray is mainly used for the following three categories of men

1. Earlier men.

2. Men who aren't happy with the timing of sex.

People who seek a higher quality of life

Sex is a shared life experience between two people. Those so-called "little cyclones in bed" are defeated in less than three minutes. The pain is not only for women, but also for men themselves. Because men have far more sexual anxiety than women, men have always believed in time and the ability to fight for long periods of time.

The quality of sexual life can greatly affect the feelings between husband and wife, so if you are bored with sex, you can consider the above five sex toys.