Container transportation has always been one of the most commonly used logistics transportation methods in international trade. In the context of globalization, more and more companies are beginning to pay attention to this mode of transportation.

What is container shipping?

Container shipping refers to a maritime economic and trade organization method that transports goods through containers.Full Container Loading It is characterized by packaging goods into standardized containers, which can then be studied for maritime transportation through shipping companies. Compared with traditional bulk cargo transportation, it has the advantages of being more efficient, safer, and saving resource costs, so we are increasingly favored by foreign companies.

Advantages of container shipping

1. Efficient

Compared with traditional bulk cargo transportation, the development of container shipping has the advantage of being more efficient.20 fcl Since our country's cargo management has been packaged into standardized containers, we can load, unload, and transship more conveniently. At the same time, due to the large capacity of the ship, batch transportation can also be effectively realized, improving the efficiency of corporate logistics services.


Container shipping offers greater security. Since the goods have been packed into standardized containers,ocean freight shipping the goods can be better protected during maritime transportation and avoid damage and loss of the goods. At the same time, the container can also be transported in a closed manner to ensure the safety of the goods.

3. Cost savings

Container shipping costs are lower compared to other shipping methods. Due to the large capacity and batch transportation of ships, logistics costs can be reduced. At the same time, because containers can be transported multimodally, it can also reduce transit costs in the logistics process.

How to choose the right shipping company?

When shipping containers, it is important to choose the right shipping company. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a shipping company:

1.Qualification and credibility

When choosing a shipping company, you need to consider its qualifications and reputation. A qualified company can provide you with a better service and be more safe and reliable.

2.Service scope

Different shipping companies have different service scopes, and you need to choose according to your actual needs. If you need to travel further afield, you’ll need to choose a company with a wider range of services.

3. Price and quality When choosing a shipping company, you also need to consider price and quality. The price cannot be too high, but you cannot only look at the price and ignore the service quality.

How to reduce losses in container transportation?

During container transportation, problems such as cargo loss may occur. Here are some ways to reduce losses during container shipping:

1. Goods packaging

Before analyzing container shipping, the cargo information needs to be packaged. For fragile or sensitive items, special packaging is required to protect the goods.

2. Choose the right ship

Choosing the right ship can also reduce losses during container shipping. A suitable ship needs to be selected based on the type and quantity of cargo.

3. Insurance

When shipping containers, you can purchase corresponding insurance to ensure the safety of the goods. This way you can get corresponding compensation if something goes wrong.

How to handle container shipping complaints?

There may be some issues or complaints about shipping containers. Here are some ways to handle these issues or complaints:

1. Timely feedback

If there are no problems or complaints, we need to give timely feedback to the shipping company and ask them to handle it in a timely manner.

2. Negotiate and resolve

When dealing with an issue or complaint, we can negotiate a mutually satisfactory outcome.

3. Legal means

If negotiation cannot resolve the issue, the issue can be resolved through legal means.

Container transportation is an efficient, safe and cost-saving logistics transportation method. Attention should be paid to choosing the right shipping company, reducing losses and handling complaints.