lithium-ion battery

Generally, we compare lithium-ion battery packs to traditional lead-acid battery packs to get a clearer picture of who is better suited. So why do people say lithium ion batteries are suitable for UPS batteries? Let us analyze the reasons for you to learn something new through technical training on lithium-ion batteries around the world.

1. Lithium-ion uninterruptible power supplies have a longer lifespan than lead-acid batteries. Lithium iron phosphate battery at room temperature 1C charge and discharge,lithium ion battery VS lead acid battery 2000 cycles after the single capacity is still more than 80%, 3C cycle life of more than 800 times. Lead-acid battery cycle time is about 300 times.

2, compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries develop less environmental pollution, more environmentally friendly. Compared with ordinary lead-acid battery technology, lithium iron phosphate batteries are more environmentally friendly, does not contain any other heavy metals and non-ferrous metals, less impact on air quality pollution, and can effectively prevent students can generally rechargeable battery replacement generated by air pollution.

3. The technical advantages of lithium battery positive and negative materials and raw materials. Lithium battery raw materials are common metal materials, raw materials are abundant, low cost, and lithium batteries are reliable, safe, long cycle time, but also conducive to professional applications, more environmentally friendly. Battery cathode materials, battery anode materials and lithium battery electrolyte have gradually realized self-sufficiency, because the technical requirements of battery cathode materials and lithium battery electrolyte are relatively low and the cost advantage is obvious.lithium battery vs lead acid High-end diaphragm materials are still highly dependent on imports, but Chinese enterprises are gradually introducing technologies and improving operational capabilities.

4. In terms of application environment, lithium battery UPS power supply is more suitable. Lithium battery uninterruptible power supply can work normally at -20-60 ℃ without air conditioning, which reduces the cost of installing equipment, maintenance and utilities.

Lithium Battery UPS are lighter and heavier than lead-acid batteries. Compared to lead-acid batteries, which are much smaller in size and mass and typically weigh between 16 and 30 kilograms, lithium-ion batteries weigh around KG and are relatively small, making them light to carry and easy to transport. In general, Li-ion battery electric vehicles are lightweight, attractive and easy to move. Many Li-ion battery electric vehicles also have folding function.

6, is the advantage of the lithium battery market. Lithium battery UPS in China has gradually formed perfect (more than 65% of the data from foreign companies market), lead-acid battery technology has been withdrawn from the stage of social history and culture, for the development of environmentally friendly lithium power supply students to create a valuable opportunity, the country also appeared in the trend of upgrading the battery system of the electric car, it is expected that the lithium battery UPS power supply will be exploded in the next 2 years in our, to become an impact on the battery car industry As a market with a huge.