Diving Bezel

Dog tooth bezel, rainbow bezel, cola bezel ...... Many watch nicknames get their nicknames from the bezel color scheme.TUDOR Royal M28323-0001 How many special watch bezels do you know? Check them out with the class rep!

1. Diving Bezel

The purpose of a diving bezel is to help divers keep track of dive time. According to the watchmaking standard of diving watch, the diving bezel must rotate unidirectionally, so that even if it is rotated when accidentally touched underwater, it will only shorten the dive time but not increase it. Also equipped with a 60-minute scale, and the scale gap is subdivided into minutes at the 60-minute position, and a luminous mark, usually triangular or diamond-shaped.

Diving bezel use: for example,TUDOR Black Bay 39 M79660-0001 need to dive 30 minutes, first of all underwater before the minute hand pointed to the scale as a benchmark, the bezel of the triangle icon rotated to the benchmark after 30 minutes, and then began to dive, the minute hand and the triangle icon of the scale between the distance, is the time that has been drowned.

2. Dual Time Zone Bezel

Rolex's Greenwich type series (the famous Pepsi circle, Coke circle) is the famous dual time zone watch. The main function is to show the time for two or more time zones at the same time, which is realized by the second time zone scale on the bezel. the GMT bezel scale is 0-24, and at the same time, there will be one more second time zone hand on the dial.

How to use dual time zone bezel: For example, if you are now in Shanghai and about to fly to Switzerland for a vacation, it is now 11:00 a.m. Beijing time and 5:00 a.m. Zurich time in Switzerland (6 hours slower than Beijing time).

After making sure that your watch's local time is 11:00 a.m.,TUDOR Glamour Double Date M57103-0005 all you need to do is pull the crown out one notch and adjust the second time zone hand to align with the 5 o'clock position on the 24-hour bezel. Always remember to lock the crown back in place when you have completed the setting.

3. Tachymeter Bezel

A watch with a tachymeter bezel is generally a chronograph, and there are push buttons to operate the chronograph function at the two and four o'clock positions on the watch scale. A tachymeter bezel, such as the one shown here, is a bezel with unevenly decreasing numerals engraved in a clockwise direction. The numbers on the bezel represent the speed in kilometers per hour.

Tachymeter bezel use: in the highway vehicles, for example, the highway is generally erected on the distance indicator bar, when passing the starting point to start the chronograph button, the chronograph second hand from 12 o'clock to start the clock, when the move 1 kilometer, stop the clock, the needle pointed out by the number is the average speed of the previous kilometer.

4. Aeronautical Bezel

The aviation bezel is one of the most complicated bezels among the many types of bezels. A simple description is that through the relative rotation of the inner and outer scale circles, multiplication and division operations are carried out, thus realizing unit conversion, speed, distance calculation and other functions, and even calculating the fuel consumption of the aircraft as well as the rate of climb and so on.