Integrated Spot Welding Pen for Industrial Machines with Double Springs on the Handle and 18650 Battery Accessories

Price: $22.39

GOOD RESULTS FROM HEAT DISSIPATION: The integrated design of the battery spot welder not only makes it elegant and tidy, but it also effectively dissipates heat.

DUAL SPRINGS: Each soldering pen in the DIY spot welder pen has two springs that allow it to expand and contract on its own.

EASY TO USE: With excellent compatibility, the integrated spot welder is ideal for the BIFRC DH20 Pro spot welding machine as it allows one-handed operation.

ELEVATE EFFICACY: Long-term use is appropriate for the battery welding pen kit, and the thick brass row is employed to increase job efficiency.

EXQUISITE WORK: Spot welder equipment is well-crafted and has a classic appearance in addition to a high level of usability.

Upgraded Welding Equipment, Portable ARC Welder Gun, 110V Handheld Welder with IGBT Inverter 6 Variable Current Adjustment Fits 3/32"-1/8" wire rods. Kit for an electric welder

Price: $169.99

It's Faiuot?

It is the ideal present for a DIY enthusiast, father, husband, or boy friend.

Advanced Intelligent IGBT Inverter Technology: Our handheld ARC Welder uses this technology.

Superior arc welding performance, good arc stability, reduced copper and iron damage, increased welder productivity and dependability, reduced spatter, smooth weld, and faultless welding results are all possible.

Perfect for general mending work, professional welding, and DIY projects at home.

'Mini & Potable Design': The welding machine is around 9.8*9.45 inches in size, weighs only 3.3 pounds, and can be operated with just one hand.

Such a compact and portable form saves room on your workspace and has a lovely, tidy appearance.

Numerous locations, including homes, workplaces, and factories, can use it.

come with a carrying bag, light and portable to...

Pulsed laser rust removal for metal rust oil graffiti painting with the ZAC Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine, 100W Portable Laser Cleaner, 110V Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine (LC-100 Battery Included)

OVERVIEW: The ZAC backpack laser cleaning equipment has excellent performance in removing grease, graffiti, and metal rust. China battery cell machine supplier

Pulsed laser type.

Energy source: Lithium-ion batteries.

Air cooling is the laser cooling mode.

Focus length of the field mirror: 6.30 in.

Total dimensions: around 25.98*18.9*13 inches (L*W*H).

55.12 pounds in weight (including battery).

Power Cable: 8m.

EASY TO TAKE: This handheld laser cleaning equipment is lightweight and easy to use, weighing only 35.27 pounds overall and 1.65 pounds for the cleaning head.

comes with straps that you may tighten or loosen to suit your needs and free up your hands.

The built-in battery architecture may offer wireless mobile cleaning without being restricted by space or location.

HIGH EFFICACY: The scan frequency is constantly changeable between 10 Hz and 300 Hz, with a 1.5 m fiber length.

There are no consumables needed after using this backpack laser rust removal tool, and it offers non-contact cleaning that is safe to use without causing damage to your materials.

In addition, the portable laser rust removal offers eight different cleaning modes to suit your needs.

WIDE APPLICATIONS: There are several applications for the portable laser cleaning equipment, including environmental protection, high-end machine tools, rubber molds, shipbuilding, auto parts, and rail transportation.

CARING WARRANTY: The laser source is covered for two years, and the machine as a whole is covered for one year.

Please use to send us an email if you have any questions about the machine, and our customer care representatives will assist you around-the-clock.

Included in the package: The package includes one laser cleaning host, one laser cleaning head, one pair of laser protective glasses, one lens cleaning kit, five protective lenses, one 220v power supply rectifier, one lithium battery (optional), and one charger.

Battery-operated 200W backpack-style laser cleaner Lightweight, portable pulsed laser cleaner for metal rust that can be used to remove paint stains and oil.

Technical specifications: AC110-220V working voltage, 200W, air cooling method, and direct/battery power supply.

Cleaning head weight is 0.62kg.

Design of Backpack: approximately 16 kg in total, small in size, simple to operate; Merely 750g is the cleaning head.

Lightweight and manageable, easy to clean; Wireless mobile cleaning operations, no restrictions on location or space, and lithium battery design.

Modernized carrying mechanism: Belt and back cushion support, breathable and comfortable; Reasonably disperse the pressure points and reduce the burden on the shoulder; The fixation is more reliable, and it is not easy to cause the shake on the back.

Can remove resin, paint, oil, rust, plating, oxide, etc.

On the surface ofobjects; Wide range of application for industries: Shipbuilding/Auto parts/Rubber molds/High-end machine tools/Rail transit/Environmental protection.

Warranty: one year for the whole machine, two years for the laser source, Customer and Technical Support.

Non-contact cleaning, No damage to the parts, no chemical reagents, no media, no secondary pollution, no water cleaning.

With a 20-meter cable, the MCWlaser 3000W laser cleaning machine uses Raycus fiber laser rust removal to remove oil stains from paint coatings.

Strong Cleaning Effects: The 3000W laser cleaning equipment is mostly used to remove oil stains, paint coats, corrosion, and oxide layers from metal surfaces.

It is the safest and most effective method for removing rust without causing any damage to the surface underneath.

Fast & Non-contact Cleaning: The laser cleaner machine cleans quickly and non-contactly by using a concentrated light beam to eliminate impurities without coming into contact with the surface.

Up to 80m2/hr for cleaning and 7 m/s for laser scanning.

Versatile: In addition to metal, plastic, glass, and ceramic surfaces can all be treated with the rust removal machine.

It is a multipurpose instrument for the automobile, aerospace, and other industrial fields.

Long Service Life & Low Maintenance: This high-quality laser source doesn't require major maintenance for many years, and its built-in water cooling system, two-year replacement warranty, and ease of use make it a very cost-effective solution.

MCWlaser Customer Service: Our US-based phone support is available for both online and remote technical assistance.

In the event that you have any questions concerning the laser cleaning device, don't hesitate to contact us.

Machine for Cleaning using Lasers Portable 100W Pulse Cleaning Machine with 1 Fiber Laser Cleaner for Metal Handheld Cleaning Device Rust, Stains, Plating, and Oil Laser Cleaner Machine

【Features】5-meter cable, an average output power of more than 100 watts, air cooling, power supply voltage of 110-240 volts, power consumption of less than 450 watts, support protection,Compact Laser Hand 28 kg of weight, 0.62 kg The benefitsThis wireless control is lightweight, flexible, adjustable, and capable of being remotely updated at any time.

Nothing harms the surface.

Simply plug in and operate.

Effective Wiping.

Improved Cleaning Precision and Reduced Surface Damage to the Workpiece 【Functions】Effectively Eliminate Oil, Rust, And Stains From Workpiece Surfaces, Plating, Etc.

Applications: Food processing, mold removal, electronic circuits, mechanical processing, and cultural relic restoration.

Because of Its Accurate Positioning Features, It Can Process Various Modeling Workpieces And Get Effective Cleaning.

〘PackingThe machine measures 660 x 500 x 330 mm.

Weight in kilograms: 28 Laser head for handheld use: 0.62 kg.

Foot switch, protective lens, machine controller, fiber laser head, laser safety goggles, and power cord

LYXC Portable 100W Laser Rust Eliminator Rust Cleaning Equipment Laser Rust Removal Instrument

Rust, stains, and oil on the workpiece's surface can be effectively removed with this lightweight, portable device with wireless control and flexible, adjustable parameters.

Plating and other related processes can be used in the food processing, mold removal, mechanical processing, electronic circuits, and cultural relics restoration industries.

Its ability to precisely position allows it to process a wide range of modeling workpieces and accomplish effective cleaning.

The laser uses a structure called a Master Oscillator Power Amplifier, or MOPA.

A semiconductor laser serves as the seed source for the primary oscillation.

Fiber amplifiers with traveling waves are used to achieve amplification.

With the ability to change both pulse width and frequency independently to accommodate a greater variety of cleaning scenarios, this MOPA fiber laser can still produce a high and consistent peak power output.

The cleaning head can be used by hand for an extended period of time and weighs only 620g (delivery cable not included).

Unique red light assisted focus technology allows for focus position adjustment in accordance with various focus lenses; wireless control allows for remote parameter setting and emission control, as well as parameter updates at any time.

Trolley-type chassis design allows for easy flying and carrying at top speed on high-speed trains with a full weight of 28 kg.

Wearable, shockproof, drop resistant, with a super integrated injection molding chassis and a cushioning design and stable structure.

7.5W output power laser cutter, DIY higher accuracy laser engraving machine, Creality 72W laser engraver, CNC machine laser engraver for wood, metal, acrylic, leather, etc.

7.5W Dual Laser Power [ The power of the Creality laser engraving machine is 75 W, and its output power is 7.5 W.

With an engraving speed of up to 10,000 mm/minute, it can cut through 5 mm linden board or 2 mm black acrylic board at a time with accuracy of up to 0.05 mm.

[Easy to Use & Beginner Friendly] L-shaped silicone feet, 8mm steel rails, and oxidized aluminum alloy guarantee accurate and seamless movement.

It stays put and measures the right distance thanks to the integrated level.

The laser cutter may be set up in less than ten minutes.

For both beginners and experts, this laser engraving equipment can work with wood, metal, paper, acrylic, glass, leather, plastic, fabric, and more.

[Upgrade Safety] - The laser cutter module's acrylic UV screen blocks out 97% of UV rays to safeguard your eyes and nearby areas.

A replaceable cotton filter that the fan comes with collects soot and keeps items from darkening.

In the event that it is unintentionally tipped, flipped, or dropped, an alarm will sound via the buzzer and indication light.

[Widely Support Software] - LightBurn is suitable for seasoned laser users, while LaserGRBL is suitable for inexperienced laser users.

The laser cutting machine can also be used with a number of engraving programs.

LightBurn is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems, and it can transmit data over a TF card.

LaserGRBL is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and XP.

TF card to operate the engraving machine anywhere at any time and transfer data.

[Warm Tips]: Use it with the Creality Honeycomb Bed or the Creality Rotary Roller if you need to engrave columnar objects.

Not included in the box are the aforementioned accessories.

Handheld Continuous Working Rust, Oil, and Paint Removal Laser Cleaning Machine LYXC 2000W A 380V, 3-phase CW fiber laser cleaning machine with an upgraded laser cleaning head is called a JPT laser cleaner.

Input Voltage: 380V, 3 Phase (Free Transformer for American 220V, 3 Phase Voltage); Laser Power: 2000W; Laser Wavelength: 1080±1nm; Scan Width: 10 to 160 mm Continuous Type Laser; Environment Humidity: 70% or less without condensation;water cooling; total power: 5500–9500 (including the chiller);15 meters is the length of cable.

Basic setup: Universal Casters; JPT Laser Source; Hanli Chiller; Smart Control Panel; Neat Wiring; Air Switch.

Make Everything Shiny: Environmentally friendly, non-contact 360°cleaning that is not restricted by location or space, including mold cleaning, paint stripping or coating removal, part pre-treatment prior to sparying, oil pollution and product residue removal, and more.

Complete Defense The laser cleaning head is lightweight, easy to use, and has undergone independent research and development.

Cleaning width of up to 160mm at 400mm focal length.

10m long fiber cable for working at heights; short focus, wide cleaning width, high tolerance, low light attenuation.