One set of wax spoons, large wax seal furnace envelopes, seal crafts, gift envelopes, wax stamps, alphabet stamps, delicate seal decor, adorable pattern stamps, vintage metal hand account sets, and students

Price: $17.09

Elegant seal: Sealing stamps can be used to adorn envelopes, invites, wine packages, and other items.

Wax seal kits are sophisticated, multipurpose, and made to dazzle everyone.

Use with assurance.

Crafty seal for DIY decor: Your friends who enjoy do-it-yourself projects will be delighted to get this imaginative seal as a gift.

Retro wax stamp kit: with its elegant and lovely design, this seal can add a romantic and natural feel to your handmade item.

Sealing fire lacquer stamps are elegant and gorgeous, with a stylish design that is sure to make them popular with everyone.

Wood Beeswax Seal Stamp Alphabet Wax

Price: $6.59

Wax sticks: You can personalize your handcrafted creations by using sealing wax sticks on a variety of items, including cards, manuscripts, wedding invites, letters, envelopes, and crafts.

Manuscript sealing wax sticks: these sticks melt readily and dry fast, saving you time and effort.

There are numerous of wax sticks available to suit your needs.

For your DIY seal, the sealing wax stick is the ideal material.

Wax for sealing envelopes: these sticks of wax are plainly colored.

adding sophisticated hues to other items, such as your wedding invites.

Sealing wax for invitations: This stick of sealing wax works well for manuscripts, letters, cards, envelopes, and more.

Lurrose 2-piece Romantic Wax Seal Set with Alphabet Sealing Wax Stamp for Wedding Ceremonies Wax Stamp for Interior Design Sealing Wax Stamp Set Clay Sealing Stamp Copper Primary Material

Price: $11.39

This wedding wax seal stamp is easy to melt and dry, making it simple to print on while also being sturdy.

This vintage wax seal stamp measures 8.5 cm by 2.5 cm by 2.5 cm and weighs 39 grams.

An excellent sealing wax stick kit for do-it-yourself wax seal stamps and crafts.

Sealing wax stamp: perfect for DIY crafts, DIY invitations, mail, wine bottles, thank-you notes, gift wrapping, and envelope decoration.

Wax stamping kit for sealing: detachable seal head for simple installation or swapping out different seals.

Wax seal: These sealing wax sticks require little effort to melt and dry quickly.

One piece of wax seal stamp photo envelopes from NUOBESTY, wax envelope presents Stamps made of metal for letters Personalized Stamps Pure Copper Card Wood with Wax for Letter Decor Art Vintage Decor Alphabet Seal

Price: $10.79
personal seal stamp

Retro seal stamp: it is a gorgeous, elegant design in a retro style that is sure to make it popular with everyone.

An lovely stamp with a delicate pattern and color, the alphabet seal stamp would look stunning when applied on envelope paper.

Romantic seal stamps are versatile and can be used for wax printing on envelopes, scrapbooks, and other materials.

Card seal: Make your friends who enjoy do-it-yourself crafts very happy by giving them this artistic seal as a gift.

Invitation seal: An elegant gift for friends, this seal's delicate and intriguing shape and pattern are ideal.

Stamps Operitacx Alphabet Wax Seals for Creating Beautiful Cards and Candles Decor with Wax Stamps Usable Wax Sticks Candles that are romantic Old-fashioned Sealing Wax Sticks Traditional Wood Copper Head

Price: $8.29

Homemade wax seal: 39g in weight, 8.5cm by 2.5cm by 2.5cm in size.

An excellent sealing wax stick kit for do-it-yourself wax seal stamps and crafts.

A great sealing wax stick kit for crafting projects and a do-it-yourself wax seal stamp is the letter sealing stamp.

Ideal for embellishing wine bottles, envelopes, invites, mailers, thank-you notes, gift wrapping, and DIY crafts, wax stamps are great for home d├ęcor.

A great way to add personality to handwritten cards and letters is with a sealing wax stamp; your friends will be surprised.

The decorative stamp block is not easily breakable and melts and dries quickly, making printing easy.

You will find it easy and convenient to use the wax stamp.

Three pieces of NUOBESTY sealing wax wedding postage stamps Vintage Christmas Wax Seal Stamp Stamps Alphabet Stamps Sealer Letter Vintage Seal Stamps Wax Sealing Brass Fittings

Price: $11.49

Vintage envelopes: approximately 7 mm / 0.28 in diameter at the inner thread; stamp diameter: 2.5 cm / 1.

Alphabet stamps are ideal for celebrations such as birthday parties and weddings.

Letter stamp made of wax; long-lasting metal construction.

Wedding envelopes are made with a straightforward technique of pressing hot wax and a decorative seal to show the recipient how much the writer cares.

Christmas wax seals can also be used extensively on manuscripts, cards, scrapbooks, and maps.

Handmade cards and letters can be perfectly personalized with this method.

50 pieces of the first alphabet wax seal stickers, self-adhesive envelope seals, and envelope seal stickers for wedding invitations Birthday (Initial, White, L) on Christmas Valentine's Day

Price: $14.99

There are no other stickers like these wax seals that you have ever seen.

The composite lacquer wax material used to make them has a rich, vivid sheen.

Their nostalgic style brings back the allure and refinement of bygone eras.

They won't fade or break quickly because they are long-lasting and waterproof.

Their adhesive back, however, is what really sets these wax seals apart.

Made from modern, reusable PET material, it is reusable.

It will not rip the paper or leave any residue behind when you peel it off and adhere it to any surface.

It's really user-friendly and convenient!

Wax particles melting and seal stamping are no longer a problem.

To seal your envelopes quickly and easily, just tear and adhere these wax seals.

Bronze, burgundy, ocean blue, and white are the four lovely colors from which to choose.

50 wax seals measuring 1.18 inches in diameter and 0.039 inches in thickness are included in each pack.

These wax seals are ideal for sealing cards, letters, envelopes, wedding invites, and much more.

Additionally, you can use them to adorn crafts, postcards, and gift packages.

Any occasion will benefit from their touch of elegance and refinement.

Note that the white wax sealed product itself does not have the gold coloring effect.

Two alphabet wax seal stamps with printed letters are included in the package. Clay wedding envelopes with retro decor alphabet stamps Beautiful Copper Sticker for Vintage Decor

Price: $10.39

Letter-shaped wax sticks: these are colored simply.

adding sophisticated hues to other items, such as your wedding invites.

Decorative wax stamps are easy to print on, hard to break, and melt and dry quickly.

You will find it straightforward and convenient to use the wax stamp.

The tiny and exquisite wax seal stamps are easy to store and use, with fine craftsmanship and long-lasting durability.

Wax seal stamps are not readily broken and melt easily and dry quickly, making printing them simple.

Stamps for card-making: an excellent DIY wax seal stamp and sealing stick kit for crafts.

Retro Wood Stamp Seal Wax Sticks Vintage Envelopes Alphabet Wax Seal Letter Stamp Copper Wedding Sticker with Stamper Sealing Wax for Scrapbooking Supplies Kit

Price: $7.29

Sealing wax for wedding invites: multipurpose and adaptable, it may be used for invitations to parties, weddings, envelopes, and more.

A fun way to add a personal touch to handcrafted cards and letters is with an alphabet seal stamp, which will surprise your pals.

Letter sealing wax sticks: these swiftly drying and simply melting sticks will save you time and effort.

Sealing wax stamps: You may seal and embellish envelopes, invites, greeting cards, and other items with this sealing wax stick.

Stamps for scrapbooking: an excellent set of sealing wax sticks for creating crafts and homemade wax seal stamps.

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