Five pieces of vintage scrapbook wax seals in the alphabet are available for use as a wax envelope seal stamp kit for wedding ceremony décor. Copper Handle Wooden Stamp Stamp Ink Stamp Set

Price: $16.79

Accessory for sealing: Handmade cards and letters can be wonderfully personalized with this sealing wax stick.

Important documents, wine package cards, envelopes, and invitations can all be sealed.

Weddings, birthday celebrations, Christmas, and other festive occasions can all benefit from a sealing wax stamp package.

Sealing wax sticks for letters: they melt rapidly and dry quickly, saving you time and effort.

Wax sticks for letters are perfect for DIY crafts, wine bottles, thank-you notes, envelopes, invitations, and mail.

The perfect stamps for making cards: they are small and elegant, easy to store, easy to use, well-made, long-lasting.

Alphabet Wax Seal Stamp Wood Suite, 4 pieces

Price: $19.29

For weddings, birthday celebrations, holidays, Christmas, or any other celebratory event, wax seal stamp head is ideal.

Wax for envelope sealing: the box is easy to carry and store, and it offers good protection and sealing.

Manuscript sealing wax stick: small and elegant, easy to store, very useful, well-made, long-lasting.

Plenty of sealing stamps made of wax to suit your demands.

For your DIY seal, the sealing wax stick is the ideal material.

Wax crest seal stamp: ideal for DIY projects, wine packaging, gift wrapping, invitations, thank-you cards, and envelope decoration.

Ciieeo 3pcs Alphabet Wax Seal Wax Stamps for Letter Sealing Book of Stamps Wax Seal Stamps Alphabet Sealing Wax Stamp Wax Stamp Kit Wax Letter Seal Stamp Letter Supply Card Wood Major

Price: $12.89

WAX SEAL STAMP KIT-- Melt easily and dry quickly, for you to print, and not easy to .

LETTER STAMP FOR CHRISTMAS THANKSGIVING CARD-- Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, birthday, Thanksgiving and other romantic gifts for lovers, friends and family.

VINTAGE WAX SEAL STAMP-- This sealing wax stick is also a perfect way to personalize handmade cards and letters.

Seal can be applied on envelopes, invitations, wine package cards, important documents.

ENVELOPE SEAL STAMP-- Multi-functional and versatile, can be for envelopes, letters, party invitations, wedding invitations and more.

ALPHABET SEALING WAX STAMP-- These wax sticks are in simple color.

Being elegant colors to your wedding invitations and others.

Three pieces of COHEALI Wax Seal Stamp Sealing Wax Beads Stick Retro Alphabet Wax Stamp Sealing Wax Stamp Original Seal Stamp Maker Letter Child Wooden Handle Copper

Price: $17.79

Wine packages, invitations, envelopes, and other items can be adorned and decorated with vintage stamp makers and sealing stamps.

Wax seal supplies: made from premium wood and copper, these products are delicate, robust, and easy to use.

This vintage seal stamp maker, featuring an alphabet pattern design, adds a creative and useful touch to this scrapbook decoration.

Uses for wax seals are numerous and include embellishing and decorating envelopes, letters, scrapbooking, glass, plastic, wrapping gifts, wood, and more.

They are also widely used for security, banking, insurance, legal purposes, anti-counterfeit packaging, high-end arts and crafts, stationery, daily necessities, and craft gifts.

There are many applications for copper, including wax printing on envelopes, crafts, scrapbooks, and more.

One set of copper head sealing stamps with detachable heads, ideal for sealing envelopes and wax flowers. Classic alphabet wax wedding letter stamp invitations made from alloy.

Price: $19.39
wax seal beads

Gift packaging stamp: You will have a positive utilizing experience from our product's superb craftsmanship.

Wax seal stamps have a lovely, ornamental design that works well for decorating letters and cards.

Detachable head sealing stamp: excellent construction and high-quality materials make this stamp robust and long-lasting.

Stampers for invitations: the expertly made lacquered wax seal is lovely and useful, and it will make your experience pleasant.

The delicate and imaginative artistic design stamp is a popular choice for invitations to weddings, birthday celebrations, and other occasions.

Four pieces of the alphabet Sealing Wax Seals Sealing Wax Seals Sealing Wax Sticks Clay Stamp Block Decorative Stamp Stamp Wax Seal Material Wax Seal Stamp Head Ink Metal Card Candle

Price: $17.69

The wax seal kit is small and elegant, easy to store, multipurpose, well-made, long-lasting, and made with fine craftsmanship.

Personalized your handcrafted creations with this DIY wax seal stamp, which can be used to seal envelopes, cards, manuscripts, wedding invitations, crafts, and more.

Decorations for the home and party: wedding wax seal stamp.

Despite being merely an ornament, the wax stamp conveys your regard and attention to detail.

Wax seal stamp for envelopes: ideal for weddings, birthday celebrations, Christmas, and other festive occasions.

Personalized wax seal stamps are a wonderful way to add flair to handwritten notes and cards, and they'll surprise your friends.

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