Which DIMMs should I use-1 and 3 or 2 and 4?

Use the second and fourth slots if there are two memory bars available in the four available slots. A matched pair should go in the first and third slots, and another matching pair should go in the second and fourth slots, assuming you have four memory slots.

I have a 2400MHz motherboard; may I utilize 3200MHz RAM?

Sure, your 3200MHz RAM will function at 2400MHz if your motherboard isn't able to handle RAM operating at a greater frequency. But unless you intend to replace your motherboard or CPU later, in which case you might be able to use the 3200MHz RAM, you will be wasting your money on 3200MHz RAM.Automotive UFS 64gb

Are SoDIMM DDR4 compatible with DDR3 slots?

Can a DDR4 DIMM be put into a DDR3 slot? Every generation of DDR is unique from the rest. Since DDR4 and DDR3 are incompatible, a DDR4 DIMM cannot be installed in a DDR3 DIMM slot.

Why is RAM with solder better?

By soldering RAM, GPUs, and other components, you can save money and free up space for other pieces. It facilitates manufacturing because it is considerably simpler to automate the process. When you don't have to search for RAM timings and configurations, BIOS becomes easier to understand and requires less testing time.

How does the so-dimm function?

RAM is installed on a small expansion card for computers called a SODIMM (Small-Outline Dual Inline Memory Module). This little variant of the DIMM finds frequent usage in notebooks, all-in-one computers, and other compact form factor desktops. The type of RAM it holds determines its pinout, however the majority of modern SODIMMs have 288 pins.

Why is 32GB RAM too much?

It may be argued that 32GB of RAM is excessive for just gaming. It can be helpful to have that much RAM if you also use your computer for resource-intensive apps like streaming or video editing software so that it can manage the task without becoming unresponsive. uMCP

Can I use a 2666MHz motherboard with 3200MHz?

It ought to function, but the two sticks will run at 2666 MHz instead of 3200 MHz. Further reducing performance is the inability to use dual-channel when two sticks with various capacities (8+16 GB) are acquired.

Can I utilize Sdram rather than SO-DIMM?

"Slim Outline Dual In-line Memory Module" is what SODIMM stands for. Laptop memory differs from desktop memory in that it does not have the "Slim Outline" (SO) component. Thus, "SO-DIMM" rather than "DIMM" must be the type of RAM you're getting if you're buying online. All references to "DRAM," "SDRAM," "SRAM," and so on should be disregarded.

Does DDR3 and DDR4 SoDIMM mix well?

Nope. Stay away from it. Don't even attempt it. Different generations of DRAM cannot be combined.

What is the fastest, Sodimm?

With a notable performance increase over lesser speed modules, the fastest RAM currently on the market is the Corsair Vengeance Performance DDR4 SO-DIMM RAM. It is important to remember that there are other factors that affect system performance than RAM module speed.