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The price difference between vacuum cleaners is unquestionably one of the wet and dry handheld vacuum cleanermost significant in the home appliance industry, with the cheapest domestic brands, the lowest wired handheld vacuum cleaner costing only 199 yuan, and the lowest wireless version costing only 479 yuan. In comparison, some domestic high-end brands can be sold for 2000-3000 yuan, while some foreign high-end brands can be sold for 3000-5000 yuan.

We can all agree that the more expensive something is, the better it must be. But Thom Browne Kids HKthis 20-fold price difference is difficult for many users to comprehend; in fact, where is the good? Why is there such a significant price difference? Today we will reveal the vacuum cleaner premium's secret, how much is the best vacuum cleaner to buy?

Suction power differences: Pa and AW are two concepts to understand.

This is another well-known distinction: the expensive one must have high suction power, whereas the cheap one must have low suction power. But do you know how big the difference in suction power between them is?

To help the user understand the difference in suction, there are two units of qs world university rankingssuction marked AW and Pa, which are measured in different ways and cannot be directly mixed and contrasted.

Pa stands for pressure, and it is the static pressure value produced by the vacuum cleaner brush head in a relatively sealed environment. The smaller the diameter of an adjustable spray can, for example, the further the water is sprayed and the higher the pressure at the same pressure. Similarly, each vacuum cleaner has a unique caliber; the smaller the caliber, the more accurate the data. So Pa does not fully reflect the true suction power of vacuum cleaners, while current mainstream, high-end vacuum cleaners do not use Pa to mark, but the suction power is not strong entry-level products, to compensate for the poor suction power, will be marked with Pa suction power, after all, Pa value is often tens of thousands, looks very bluff. That is to say, products marked with Pa suction are generally not high-end and are not worth purchasing.

AW (suction power) = dynamic pressure (air flow) x static pressure (vacuum suction), which includes both the air flow and static pressure values generated when the vacuum cleaner moves on hard ground, making it more informative than Pa.

As a result, the AW logo will appear on mid-range and high-end products. Without regard for the business's false label, it is usually best to choose a vacuum cleaner with 120AW or more (1000-2000 yuan); currently, mid-range products can generally achieve 150-180AW (2000-3000 yuan), and high-end products will break through 200AW (3000 yuan or more).

Of course, the larger the price, the stronger the suction, the more scenes that can be adapted, the same user pays the higher the purchase cost. However, for most users, the suction power of mid-range products is adequate for most everyday situations.