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Jigs 20mm Quick Clamp Adjustable Fast Fixed Clip for 20mm Dog Hole Benchtop, 2 Pack Quick Hold Down Clamp for 3/4 Inch Dog Hole in Woodworking Bench

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Product material: Made entirely of metal, the clamp is composed of premium stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Its sturdy construction prevents damage and extends its useful life. Product design: Three movable gears (high, medium, and low) with varying clamping strengths to meet various operating circumstances. There is a maximum clamping height of 60mm, and the clamping height can be changed based on the plate thickness. Perfect for tables 20 to 40 mm thick. The product features are as follows: 〖easy and quick clamping and release〗: Simply put the clamp handle into the workbench's dog hole and flip it slightly to lock the workpiece firmly. Once the fixation is complete, you may relax your hands and perform the simple, one-handed operation. 〖Frequently utilized scenarios〗: Adapts flawlessly to the 20mm dog hole on the bench or MFT table; the cam aligns with the pressure plate precisely; the pressure is dispersed equally; the workpiece is not harmed; ideal for supporting components while sawing or routing. 〖What's in the package? There are two sets of 20mm hold-down clamps in the package. If there is an issue with the items you received, please get in touch with us and we will do all in our power to offer you with satisfying service.

Rust-Grime Paint Removal Benchtop Sandblaster Cabinet, Oarlike 90-Gallon Floor Abrasive Blasting Cabinet with Dust Collection Reclaimer System

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The Oarlike Blast Cabinet Bench Top is an excellent choice for high-density surface treatment because it can effectively manage paint, rust, and oxidation on a workpiece's surface.Although the Dust Collection System can assist maintain a clean, safe workplace. 9.5 CFM@90 PSI is the average air consumption. Four extra-large rubber gloves and a blasting gun kit are included. The ceramic nozzles are removable and measure 4.5, 5, 6, and 7 mm.Drain plug and work surface tray with a detachable mesh design for simple cleaning TOP ACCESS DOOR: For convenient access to and from your workpiece or cabinet cleaning, this sandblaster has an 18.7 x 28.7-inch top access door. For simpler blast cleaning tasks, it also features an integrated exhaust. Blast Abrasive Media: crushed walnut shell, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, glass beads, etc. OVERSIZED RUBBER GLASS + LED TUBE: For improved visibility, this oversized viewing rubber glass has an integrated LED tube. Four reusable plastic film pieces are included to shield the glass from rust. Viewing Size: 25.4 x 13.4 Inches Sturdy steel construction that is resistant to rust and corrosion characterizes the sandblaster. It has a powder-coated finish. Four robust legs and four reinforcing beams at the top and bottom make up the support frame. Dimensions (for the blast cabinet): 34.5*22.4*54.4 inches; (for the dust collection): 21.7 x 9.3 inches; Electrical Current Requirement (Lamp): 120 Volt, 60 Hzengineered stone brisbane

Suitable for most small benchtop chop saws, mini miter saws, and small table saws, the Baisiky 15 Pack 2 Inch Die Grinder Cut Off Wheel Mini Metal Cutting Disc

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【Package】15 pieces of little 2-inch cut-off wheels in black Dimensions: Mandrel; Maximum RPM: 30,000 RPM; 2" x 1/16" Thick x 3/8" High-quality alumina particles and resin are used to make the metal cutting disc. The disc is reinforced by double high-strength glass fiber mesh, which gives it long-lasting stability and fracture resistance. 【Stability】The center hole of the little cutting wheels has an embedded high-quality stainless steel ring that is precise in placement, stable and firm, and does not come loose; the cutting is clean and crisp with minimal burrs and noise and dust. 【Energy Saving】This die grinder cutting wheel works with angle grinders, rotary tool accessories, and 3/8" mandrel tiny cutting saws. extensively utilized in many industries, including wind power, construction, metallurgy, automotive, marine, and chemical. 【Energy Saving】This die grinder cutting wheel works with angle grinders, rotary tool accessories, and 3/8" mandrel tiny cutting saws. extensively utilized in many industries, including wind power, construction, metallurgy, automotive, marine, and chemical.

uxcell Hardware Nails 20mm (0.8") Carbon Steel Point Tip Wall Cement Nail 100 pieces of 3mm rod in silver tone

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The package contains 100 pieces (+/-5%) of carbon steel cement nails. Total length: 20mm / 0.8"; rod diameter: 3mm / 0.1" Material: Carbon steel, which has a high hardness, is difficult to bend, and has a powerful piercing power, is used to make steel nails. Rusting is difficult with electroplating treatment. Strong Demand: Nails are in high demand because they are used to reinforce the wooden planks that are made when houses and other structures are first being built. Use: After installation, a portion of the threaded structure on the rod is used to prevent loosening. Reduces wood splitting with a thinner shank. extensively utilized in woodworking, plasterboard, cement walls, and building. Note: Because concrete walls might be unstable, it is not advisable to hang large objects using cement nails.

LeTkingok Manual Hydraulic Bottle Jack Hose Crimper - High Pressure Sprayer Hydraulic Clamp Pressing Hose

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45# steel is the material. Jack dimensions: six tons Size range: outer pipe diameter, 12–20 mm 10.6" x 6.50" x 6.50" (270 x 165 x 165 mm) in size Excellent post-purchase care, prompt delivery, affordable pricing, and high quality

cSeao 300 pieces Common Wood Nails, 20mm / 0.75 Inch Length Flat Nails for Picture Wall Hanging Nails That Hang

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These nails measure 1.2 mm in diameter, 20 mm in length, and are made of metal. They come in 300 pieces and are mostly used to secure wood pieces together, but they may also be used to hang pictures, plastic, drywall, masonry, and concrete. Ideal for nail heads inserted into wood, such as floor, furniture, and wood mold nails, among other uses.