Even if it is marketed

Because of their thick hair, some people are afraid to wear short-sleeved shorts in the summer, dermes medilasewhich is undeniably painful. To look beautiful in the summer, many people will opt for laser hair removal to remove excess hair on the body's surface. Laser hair removal is a natural and effective way to remove hair, but candidates must avoid the following 5 mistakes before undergoing laser hair removal.

Mistake number one: failing to shave beforehand.

Do I have to shave before getting laser hair removal? In fact, it is required; the best state of laser hair removal is "hair follicles in the skin no hair." If the sweat hair is too long, the laser may burn the skin; shaving off the overgrown hair is a good option.

Mistake number two is believing that anyone can perform laser hair removal.

It is critical to select an experienced doctor for any type of medical cosmetic procedure. Laser hair removal necessitates the doctor having dermes medilasegood control over the laser energy, so it is critical to compare the doctor's experience before the surgery to find an experienced doctor.

Mistake 3: Failure to inspect the equipment

You can ask your doctor to recommend a better device for people with darker skin tones. Personally, I believe that diode laser is more effective than IPL and that the pain is milder, similar to being pricked by a needle.

Mistake 4: Failure to schedule treatments

Although laser hair removal is permanent, it usually takes 3-5 treatments to achieve a more ideal hair removal result due to the hair growth cycle. 4-6 weeks between treatments is usually sufficient, and special treatment may be required for areas with thick hair.

Mistake 5: Having unrealistic expectations

Laser hair removal can remove 85-90% of hair in most areas, and the results vary from person to person, but don't expect to see a single sweat hair dermes medilaseremoved. Even if it is marketed as "permanent hair removal," it is a hair reduction rather than a complete hair removal.