Home curtains with skills:

Home curtains is because we can say at home with the curtains, we all know, curtains are home study life in the necessary home textile items, although different kinds of more, but they choose fabric will be more, but also need to pay more attention to students with the choice of this issue, the next small make up to introduce you to the analysis of the home curtains with skills as well as how to buy Chinese home curtains! How to buy Chinese home curtains, how to buy Chinese home curtains, how to buy Chinese home curtains, how to buy Chinese home curtains

Home curtains with skills:

1. Different areas have different shades of color

Living room curtains are the face

When you open the door, the living room curtains because of the location advantage, always the most eye-catching, and the arrangement of the living room in the eyes of the guests fully reflects the owner's taste and pursuit, so the purchase of the living room curtains should pay special attention.curtain designs Insiders suggest that according to the owner's personality, curtains can create a different atmosphere.

Bedroom curtains black and red with can relieve insomnia

If the living room curtains have to talk to the guests, then the bedroom curtains are specially designed for the master. In a cozy, romantic, private bedroom space, curtains not only play a decorative role, but also mainly play a role in protecting privacy and regulating light. "Bedroom curtains can be made of dark-colored fabrics with good light blocking, which can promote sleep, especially black and red curtains are a good choice for insomnia." A brand home furnishing store manager Ms. Wang said.

Children's room curtains to lively with a distinctive business-oriented

Children's room curtain design combined with children's nature, curtains are generally selected cute cartoon patterns, bright colors, distinctive personality shape to please the little master. It is worth reminding in particular, because children are naturally active, sometimes with the curtains to play hide-and-seek, and even bite the curtains with their teeth, so for children, choose curtains, to give full consideration to health and environmental issues.

2. Color and style to match the sofa.

Engaged in fabric home furnishing industry has 10 years of experience, Ms. Liu told reporters: "Generally speaking, the modern style of decoration, living room curtains color and style should be matched with the living room fabric sofa with linen or polyester-cotton fabric." . Light colors, such as beige, beige, light gray, European style, the color of the curtains are mostly brown, gold, dark coffee, etc., while the Chinese style is mainly red and brown." Curtains match the entire home environment, which has become the default rule for choosing curtains.focal shade In Jialiya Home Textile Style 2000 Home Fabric Store, the living experience hall creates different styles of home decorating atmosphere, curtains and decorative styles, furniture layout into one, fully embodies this principle.

In addition to color, different curtain head and accessories also describe different home "expression". Different curtain head or elegant, or simple rational, or sensual romantic, or intellectual elegance, invariably tells a different mood.

3, blended product material shrinkage resistance and anti-wrinkle

The choice of summer curtains is very important, in the room facing the sun, such as the study, children's room, bathroom, you can choose some heat insulation, light insulation performance of the blinds, roller blinds, not only bright light, but also good insulation effect of the windows.

Curtains on the home environment arrangement of the aesthetic role is self-evident. When choosing curtains, not only should focus on aesthetics, but also take into account the function. For example, in the choice of materials, different rooms because of different environments, the need to fully consider the functionality of curtains, kitchen and bathroom because of humidity and fumes, the use of blinds is more appropriate; in addition, the leisure room, tea room is also more suitable for the use of wooden or bamboo curtains, the balcony should be used to resist the sun, do not fade the material of the curtains; the study can choose to translucent fabrics that help to relax and think.

It is worth mentioning that many consumers ignore the shrinkage of fabrics. "Currently, there is no standard on shrinkage in China, but there are clear implementation standards abroad, so it's practical to take both aspects into account. When customers buy, they should clearly ask about shrinkage, and then loosen their hands a little to leave abundant shrinkage," said Mr. Huang, a curtain dealer. Cotton, linen, silk and wool fabrics are popular among consumers. However, these fabrics have a certain amount of shrinkage.custom blinds For curtains made of synthetic fibers and synthetic fibers, their shrinkage, fading and wrinkle resistance are better than cotton and linen fabrics. However, many modern fabrics are blends of natural fibers with synthetic fibers or synthetic fibers and therefore have the advantages of both.

How to buy curtains for your home?

Choose curtains in a color that is close to the color of the walls.If you like neutral colored curtains but can't decide, it is recommended to choose grey curtains, which are more resistant to stains than white, brighter than brown and more upscale than beige. The color of the curtains should also be considered for different rooms and seasons.Choosing to carry out the pattern of the curtains, if your home has been placed a lot of paintings, hanging ornaments, rugs, colored pillows, etc., it is recommended that you can still choose a solid color curtains. Of course you buy curtains with colored edges if you through really like traditional pattern design yourself. There is also our pursuit of color clashing effect of striped curtains control is also a good choice Oh.When choosing curtain patterns, must issue to pay attention to, curtain patterns should not be too complex and trivial, should not students choose beveled.Choose texture and feel good fabric. For example, do you like the feel of cotton linen, or the texture of velvet suede, or the smooth feel of rayon?You can choose according to your preferences.Consider also the function of the room: in the case of the bathroom, the kitchen should be in a fabric that is practical and easy to clean.The season should also be taken into account: for summer curtains use soft materials of yarn or silk. Curtain fabrics should preferably not be too smooth and shiny.Different home styles use different curtains.For example, the modern minimalist style focuses on simplicity and cohesion, so curtains should only be made of bright pure white, sky blue, grass green or simple, creative geometric fabrics.The color and style of the curtains should match the sofa. Use light tones such as beige, beige, and light gray.

The left and right sides of the curtains should be 10 to 15 centimeters higher than the window frame.In addition, curtain hooks and curtain rods can cause measurement differences.If it is long enough, a light brushing of the bare feet and insteps will suffice.