What does PDF mean?

PDF is short for Portable Document Format, which means“Portable Document data Format, online pdf converter merge compress ” and is used by Adobe Systems for application research programs, operating systems, and hardware platforms, independent of the exchange of relevant file information, developed by their own file content format. PDF file is an image model based on Postscript language. No matter what technology printer is used, it can guarantee the accuracy and accuracy of printing teaching effect, that is, the PDF file will faithfully reproduce the manuscript of each Chinese character, color changes and images.

Portable document format is an electronic file format. convert merge pdf to single pdf This file format is platform-independent, which means that PDF files are common in Windows, Unix and Apple's Mac operating systems. This feature makes it an ideal file format for electronic document distribution and digital information dissemination on the Internet. More and more e-books, product descriptions, company statements, web pages and emails are using PDF files.

In general, PDF files have the following characteristics:

PDF file is a programming document format, word to pdf converter free download offline and all the contents it displays are drawn by corresponding operators.

PDF basic display unit includes: text, picture, vector picture, picture.

PDF's extended business units mainly include: watermark, electronic signature, annotation, form, multimedia and 3D.

PDF action units: bookmarks, hyperlinks (for beginners, this is easy to understand. For those more in-depth, there are many action units, including electronic signatures, multimedia, 3D, etc.)

Advantages: 1. Easy to create: Almost all major document editors have the "Save as PDF" option, so users can convert various documents into PDF at any time and then send them, even if they don't have a professional PDF editor at hand.

Strong compatibility: PDF documents can be embedded in almost any major multimedia format and support DRM copyright protection, so many publishers will use this format to create e-books.

Rich tagging tools: For readers, reading e-books in PDF format is also a very pleasant experience. Although in general, you can't directly modify the content of a document like a Word document. However, readers can add rich and varied notes, highlights and so on. It is very close to the experience of reading and taking notes, so the experience is very good.

Integrity of the content: some people say that if we are just enterprises, in order to make each other look the same, is it best to cut a picture? Relatively simple and casual situations may be possible, but images can easily be transformed by various data formats, structurally resized and lost in detail, or even photoshopped, so if it is the main use of their own professionals, the proposed state or can not be arbitrarily modified PDF.

Security: In addition to not being free to edit, PDFS also supports password protection to ensure that the content is not tampered with. These two characteristics make PDF especially popular among business people and even legal people.

Small size: Many people will scan paper documents into pictures and save them directly in the hard disk, and the obtained files are very large. But if converted to PDF, you can usually reduce the volume by about a quarter; You can also embed multiple images in the same PDF document, which is more professional than putting a bunch of images in a folder or zip pack.

With all the advantages of PDF documents, is there any software to create and edit PDF documents? Of course, Wanxing PDF is such a software. The interface is easy to use. You can add comments to PDF documents and convert them into HTML, Word, PowerPoint and other formats.