Hotels, serviced apartments, what is the difference between the two, how to choose travel?

Hotels, serviced apartments, what is the difference between the two, how to choose travel?

Service student apartments save manpower, water and electricity, outcall massage hong kong save unnecessary facilities (such as a venue, a closed bar, a number of national restaurants, etc.), and often need to be renovated again

There is nothing outstanding about domestic brands at the moment. For now, they are all classified as economy or medium (let's not discuss some good examples). At the very least, outcall massage services they will have to wait another three to five years before they can compete.

Foreign brands can pay attention to Ascott, Sheng Jie (not Tujia Sheng Jie), new Leting. The above three brands belong to the Ascott Group and are premium - luxury, mid-premium and Mid-premium respectively.

Oakwood - high-end, Wison Court - high-end - luxury, Samar - high-end - high-end - luxury, these three groups because of slow expansion, not many attributes, so only look at the brand positioning is not reliable, individual differences need to be identified

There are individual differences from store to store. Look at the accommodation product area and decoration length is king. If it has been renovated for more than 10 years, it must not feel good. Of course, the super good lot is not within the scope of this discussion, no matter how old people live.

If we need to carry out the hotel enterprise brand to mark their own words, it is easy to appear one-sided, you can give a reference:, such as Hilton International Group: Waldorf - luxury, Hilton - high-end, Hilton Huanfriends - mid-range (foreign development may even be better than the economy)

Accor Group: Sofitel - Luxury, Pullman - high-end, Novotel - Mid-high-end, Mercure - Mid-high-end.

Marriott Group: JW- Luxury, Marriott - High-end, Courtyard - (mid-range - Mid-high-end)

Zhu Hua Group (excluding Accor brand): Flower hall - high-end - luxury, Xiyue - high-end (in the eyes of the season boss, this high-end must be removed, but we only say reality), the whole season - mid-range (open for more than three years may be lower, the new more reliable). In general, Zhu Hua will keep the club because of its harsher cost savings.

In general, brand positioning is one thing, the actual store situation is another thing, I say these can not be comprehensive, can not be universal, but should be able to refer to. Another is to read Ctrip's comments: The rules are... ... The higher and more expensive the store, the more likely it is to attract bad reviews.

For example, if we carry out luxury or high-priced hotels, reaching 4.6 points is almost enough, and more than 4.8 is likely to be a God shop; Mid-range, below 4.6 is basically just a make-do; A quick, less than 4.7 percent estimate of China's health problems is not covered.

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