What is the most important website SEO optimization?

What is the most important website SEO optimization? seo services singapore The most important thing? What is the most important thing for Mr. Xu?

What is Mr. Xu's most important thing about himself?

The most important thing is to be good at analysis and summary, and stick to it. Do the following tasks every day.

Insist on daily observation of the enterprise station

The use of webmaster tools method to view their own corporate culture website design can be a daily snapshot, indexed, keyword ranking, etc., there is such a country is because we need to use Google analysis technology research and development tools to view and statistical information website visits and page views and other related keywords brought traffic, The statistics of some long-tail keywords that bring traffic to social problems and some keywords that affect students' learning and are not noticed are displayed to facilitate the analysis of keywords in the future statistical results.

2. Update your website daily

High quality original articles can increase the weight and ranking of a website. Although these articles may consume a lot of time and energy, there is no way around it. With so much content on the web, you need fresh content and fresh information to make your content relevant to Baidu's spider.

Stick to a regular chain every day

Some novice webmasters often have time or happy time to send a large number of external chains, no time can be ignored, it is easy to lead to the punishment of enterprise website construction. It is very important to send chains to some high weight platforms regularly.

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What is the most important website SEO optimization?

First, the overall economic structure of the site must be good

Whether the website code is messy, whether the website opens at a guaranteed speed, whether the website has too many dead links, whether the TDK's Settings and density are reasonable, and many other structural details should be noted, which is also the basis for improving the cuteness of spiders.

Second, the content of the website should be high

Regardless of whether the content is novel enough, as long as the content is recognized by the user, I believe that the search engine will give a good place to show it.

Third, do a good job of website promotion

In the field of SEO optimization research, the external chain is because of such a Chinese enterprise management is very useful advertising, the facts also prove that a good external chain not only requires our teachers to continue to increase the inclusion of the website, but also to develop the society to bring considerable weight, a good boost to their own website rankings.

4. Increase search clicks

What do search engines say? This analysis is based on the number of hits in the Baidu search box, which we can use to rank our website.