Cold chain city delivery need to pay attention to a point

Cold storage temperature should be up to standard

In fact, in order to save power consumption, the temperature of many cold storages is often not up to standard. Choose cold storage with remote temperature control. Only when the temperature is up to standard, the quality of goods and containers can be guaranteed.

High delivery threshold and high logistics costs

Choose a logistics provider that adopts the co-location model. In case of meeting the rules of shift operation, the co-location releases the optimization results to the customer and saves 20%-50% compared to the market price.

Inbound discrepancies and quality issues

On behalf of the customer to put the product to receive the first gate, from the quantity, quality, expiration date,cold chain logistics product document management and other aspects of the verification, to ensure that the enterprise customer resource asset use value.

The name of the cargo system does not match the goods

An efficient logistics service provider cannot only rely on manual cargo identification. We emphasize the master data of the system, and establish system comparison relationship of multiple names for the same item.

For system names that do not match the actual package, we provide photo training to practitioners to ensure proper delivery.

Deviation between owner's ERP and warehouse

Increase the frequency of data and information verification with the customer's warehouse, regularly provide a product age report, cargo space situation analysis customers can query on a daily basis

Warehouse goods can not be shipped, batch confusion

Traditional warehouse, the custodian of the experience of memory management, sometimes forget the location of the goods. Warehouses that are too densely stacked can't be taken out during shipment;

Cargo position management through WMS to know the position of each box of goods, and batch management through the binding relationship between warehouse and site lot number. Use of a variety of rack storage to ensure that each board of goods can be readily removed.

Sluggishness in not being able to see inventory

Through the use of photographs, customers can often see the real scene of stocked goods in the "truth in pictures", monitoring inventory management and facilitating customer sales decisions.

Logical problems with shipments can not be their own only "first in first out".

In addition to warehouse management problems, a large number of products can also be due to sales forecast deviations or manufacturer pressure. In such cases, the use of a single FIFO method is not sufficient.

Warehouses should be subdivided according to customer requirements into "gift - backordered warehouse", "gift - new products", "normal sales - new products" and "normal sales - backordered warehouse" sales types.

Unreasonable order cut-off times

Early closing times can cause sales orders to be delayed until the third day of delivery,cold chain delivery increasing delivery uncertainty.

The daily cut-off time is usually designed to be within 2 hours of the end of the sales unit's shift to ensure that the day's sales orders are delivered the next day.

Uncertainty of delivery

Timely feedback on delivery information is critical to the customer's sales revenue recognition. We need to use through a variety of teaching methods to convey delivery information to the customer (TMS in-transit tracking, daily delivery reports, delivery logistics management information technology real-time back, etc.)

Emergency Plus Delivery Issues

As our customer market grows, we offer same day courier service to our customers on a limited basis. Within the limits, we charge 50% of the cost of this service

Confusion over return receipts

A day-clearance vehicle management method should be adopted to systematically register undelivered receipts on the same day and provide statistical reports on receipts to customers.