sex life

Sex life is an indispensable part of a couple's daily life. Harmonious sex life can help couples enhance their relationship and play a very important role in their physical and mental health. In order to make couples have a better sex life, people often invent a lot of products to help sex, and lubricants in adult products,vibratir for women is one of them, which can help both men and women have a better sexual experience.

In order to help couples have a successful sex life, people have invented this product of lubricants. After all, the safety of using a product that is a personal accessory, in addition to its functional role, is also a concern for many people.

So is the use of lubricants harmful to the body?

Generally in the condom on the lubricant and industrial lubricant is a certain can be different, its main active ingredient is dimethylsiloxane, general business normal big brand producers use are through the food safety level of lubricants, not only can develop to play a lubricating effect, and on the human body does not manage to exist some harm.

Some people feel that the use of lubricants will affect the Chinese women's menstrual cycle,hands free clit massager which is not based on scientific theory. The use of lubricants is generally not directly related to the abnormalities of the menstrual cycle. Of course, if you start to experience some discomfort after using lubricants, it may be an allergic reaction to the lubricant, at this time you should stop learning to use condoms and choose to use other forms of contraception, such as the symptoms failed to ease with the management of social time, if necessary, we need to go to the hospital to see a student.

Some people think that lubricants look "unsafe", but in fact, there is a good side to lubricants. Lubricants can effectively relieve dryness and dryness, help couples to better fulfill their sex life, and also stimulate sexual desire. Secondly, during sexual intercourse, lubricants can help disinfect and reduce inflammation, and finally, the use of lubricants can ensure that condoms will not break, reducing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Experts say that when using lubricants, it is important to pay attention to whether they are safe and have no side effects.remote controlled vibrators It is best to choose lubricants produced by regular manufacturers of large brands. In general, lubricants that are not greasy, have no residue, no toxic side effects and are easy to wash off are of good quality. Although there are many lubricants of various flavors on the market, colorless and odorless lubricants are safer.

When choosing a lubricant, it is not recommended to buy three free products online, and don't use items such as cooking oil, hand cream, or olive oil in place of lubricant. After using a lubricant, be prepared to clean it thoroughly. For the purposes of this article, some lubricants contain spermicidal ingredients and are not recommended for couples planning a pregnancy to use lubricants during their sex life.