sex toys

1 Sex toys are only for those who are dysfunctional Everyone should use sex toys! In real life, people from all walks of life use sex toys, including very normal people, but this kind of thing is more private. The use of sex toys does not make a person app controlled sex toy Whether it is sexy clothes, satin sheets, sexual literature, toys or aphrodisiacs, aids to sexual behavior are very helpful in increasing human sensitivity. They are all items used to enhance sexual contact, making sex more natural and erotic, giving better orgasms, improving the quality of sex life and bettering the relationship between husband and wife.

2 Sexual disharmony will use sex products

Anyone can use sex products. Surveys show that people who have sex use sex products more than those who don't, and partners who use sex products usually have a higher quality of sex life and better emotional app controlled sex toy About 20-30% of people will use a sex toy at least once in their lives. Of course, erotic products are not a savior or panacea for people with sexual dysfunction, but rather a supplement to the sexual play process.

3 Sex toys are only intended to be able to satisfy the person who engages in masturbation

Only available to one person. Many couples now prefer to use these products app controlled sex toy Just because a couple uses erotic products together does not mean that there is anything wrong with it. On the contrary, the fact that a couple is willing to use sex toys together just means that their relationship is more open and trusting of each other and that the couple has a more comfortable and harmonious sex life.

4 Sex toys can increase men's psychological pressure or low self-esteem.

Many men have these concerns. They are afraid of women using sex app controlled sex toy They worry that if a woman uses sex toys, she doesn't need a man, or is "useless", or even doubts her own sexual orientation, which is wrong. Although sex toys can bring a woman to orgasm, they cannot give her physical caresses or mental pleasure. Therefore, sex toys are not a substitute for a human being. A woman should take her time to communicate with him first and relieve the man after using sex toys.

5 Sex toys can bring harm to the body.

This is a totally information incorrect. In fact, sex toys can bring positive and positive results to the development of sexual app controlled sex toy For example, women who are in menopause or who have had affected children can use sex toys to maintain the elasticity of the patient's vagina or to avoid other related diseases. Doctors also often recommend sex toys for women who cannot reach orgasm. Sex toys can improve the feeling of the body organs, so that the human body will feel more sensitive to some problems and discomfort, and there has not been any kind of evidence research to show that sex toys can damage the sexual feeling or genitals of a person. Of course, if we are not correct as well as the use will appear for some important dangers.

6 Sex toys are addictive

When used correctly, any sex toy will not cause any substantial damage to a person's health. However, if it does become addictive, it means that there is some kind of "harm". Although some people may become dependent on sex toys because they are used to using them, there is no need to give them up, as anyone can easily return to masturbation or sexual activity with a partner without the use of sex toys.

7 Men only use "sex toys" when they can't get real sex.

When people think of men and sex toys, they think of men who buy masturbation kits and masturbate in their rooms while watching AVs. Your concept of sex toys is too narrow. Sexy lingerie, sexy stockings, bouncing bombs, etc. are all erotic objects.

8 Sex toys look weird and make sex life full of an unnatural feeling

Weird and normal are relative, and some people may feel uncomfortable talking about them in public. But just realizing that everyone can be "weird" behind closed doors can make your sex life happier and easier. Many people also believe that natural sex is just purely physical contact, and that using sex toys makes sex unnatural and unreal. This is also incorrect. Think about it, if you use a pencil and paper, is drawing real and natural? Of course not. Erotic toys are used to make sex more interesting and pleasurable, and erotic toys are not activated by batteries, but by imagination.

9 Some sex toys are good, some are bad.

The truth is that sex toys are neither good nor bad. The key to erotic toys is how people use them. The same sex object that may be too intense for one person may be perfect for another. The trick is to find the right erotic object for you, and with most erotic objects, just like any other commodity, some people like them and some people don't.

10 The more expensive the sex toy, the more effective it will be.

This is also a false belief. It's possible that an expensive sex toy is more durable or uses a better material, but it won't necessarily make you feel us better or bring you more pleasure. Sex toys are like many other commodities, the one on a budget can develop to serve the same purpose, and it is usually people who need to work on their lives to do is to find the right one for them and be able to carry out the right use of it.