Do not because of the role of the myth of SEO, some companies in the industry development is not considered suitable for doing S

Do not because of the role of the myth of SEO, some companies in the industry development is not considered suitable for doing SEO, You Find Singaporesuch as......

Not all products and industries are suitable for SEO. SEO isn't everything,

But the average operating company would never say that. Wouldn't that be like cutting off your money?

As a foreign trade person, we should learn to do our own analysis to see if our products are suitable for SEO, and do not be fooled by the company.

They will overglorify SEO, avoid the key points, talk about the benefits of SEO, do not talk about the difficulties of SEO projects and build user awareness of the risks of SEO projects.

We don't do any feasibility analysis before we build the station. Feasibility analysis is very important, including a series of research and systematic analysis, and finally reach a conclusion. It's a whole scientific theory.

We do not need to be too complicated, SEO project management is also to do some technical feasibility analysis,

Based on personal experience, at least that, second rate products are not suitable for Google SEO.

2C is too powerful a product, but you made 2B. Let's take an example.

Like chairs, like water glasses, like pencils. These products are 2C products. The search volume is certainly huge.

The search volume for these terms is huge, and the degree of competition by keyword is also high. Even if you narrow it down a little bit more in our country, the search volume is still huge. Like the wood chair,

Search volume is still high.

Let's see how these words perform on Google.

The homepage of the wooden chair is dominated by large and small 2C websites. The top three, for example, are Amazon, Walmart and IKEA. Further down there are many 2c sites that occupy the vast majority of the locations.

Search for these big words, and these companies rank at the top. For example, if you put words in long tails, search for wooden high chairs.

The front page is still dominated by big brand management companies such as Walmart, Target, ebay and Esty. Other important placement relationships are through things like AD design or Google featured clips.

In other words, if you do this product independently and want to have a ranking on Google, it is difficult to imagine.

But at this point, users will say we can make the keywords more precise, such as chair manufacturers.

Chair supplier from China. Chair factory.

It's a good idea, but when you add in the core terms manufacturer, China, factory, and supplier, the search volume drops dramatically.

Now social problems have come up with big words can not do up, small words and no search volume, and even if your website SEO has made a ranking for some companies, but most of the search intention is to buy through the user, even if the student enters a website bounce rate is certainly particularly high.

Most of these words are I and T attributes, which means that the user has high expectations of getting an answer or a transaction. Frankly, most of them target consumption attributes. Conclusion: The 2C attribute of the product is too strong, which belongs to the category subdivision track. It's hard to do a search. It's not feasible. This is like you must go to Hainan to sell down jackets, there is no market, what chance? But that doesn't mean there aren't opportunities. Perhaps in some years Hainan has a short cold period in winter. Such opportunities suggest that it is better to give up.

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