PDF online encryption

PDF online encryption is an important way to protect document security.merge pdf rearrange pages In PDF online encryption, you can use the following methods to ensure document security, and pay attention to some of the following encryption considerations.

Method 1: Use PDF conversion encryption tool

First of all, we can open the Swift PDF Converter tool on the computer, enter the conversion tool first in the top navigation bar, click to enter the PDF operation board, and then select the PDF encryption function in the list, and then need to encrypt the file batch to add in.

Need to encrypt PDF files added in, we click on the lower-left corner of the "Unified Encryption" button, in the pop-up input password box, enter the password you need to add (ps. If the document was originally added to the password you need to remove the password in order to add other passwords again). After entering a good password you can set the location of the file output below and click on the start conversion button for batch encryption.

Method 2: Use online PDF encryption tools

There are many online PDF encryption tools available. We can search directly in the search engine to enter the support for online PDF editing page, such as PDF24tool, in the page into the password-protected PDF function, and then only need to add the file, enter the password you need to add can be exported.

Method 3: directly open the PDF document design password

There is also one of the simplest encryption method is to directly open the PDF file, we can find the document encryption button in the top of the protection function, click to open the document can be set to open the password as well as the operation of the page password settings. But this method can only be a single file to add a password, if the partners need to add more files in bulk, you can use other methods.

Encryption Notes

PDF online encryption, you also need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Password security: choose a strong password to protect your PDF files. Use complex passwords containing letters, numbers and special characters, and make sure not to share the password with other accounts.

2. File backup: Before encrypting PDF files, make sure to backup the original files. In this way, you can restore to the unencrypted version even if something unexpected happens.

3. Remember password: After encrypting PDF files, be sure to remember the password you set. If you forget the password, you will not be able to unlock the file.

4. Secure Transmission: If you need to send the encrypted PDF files to others, please use a secure transmission method, such as encrypted email or a secure file sharing service.

5. Regularly change password: In order to keep the files secure, it is a good habit to change the password of encrypted PDF files regularly.

How to share about PDF online encryption is here. I hope these methods and precautions will be helpful for partners in PDF online encryption!