It is recommended

Nowadays, most families' busy lives leave little time for themselves, and there is even rechargeable handheld vacuum cleanerless time for cleaning. Every day when we get home, we find snack remnants on the floor, pet hair on the sofa, and a slew of difficult-to-clean household waste. Our lives have been transformed by the vacuum cleaner. The garbage can easily enter the dust cup with a simple suction, saving time and effort!

The ease of use of vacuum cleaners has prompted everyone to purchase them; however, have you ever considered how to select a vacuum cleaner? What are the factors that must be considered? The following vacuum cleaner purchase strategy will assist you in purchasing the right vacuum cleaner!

01 Pounds

To begin with, we must carry vacuum cleaners in our hands for an extended period of time because each machine's host placement and handle location differ, and thus the weight of each machine varies slightly. As a result, when purchasing a vacuum cleaner, you must consider the vacuum cleaner's weight.

Furthermore, in the case of equal weight, it is recommended that users purchase vacuum cleaners with the main machine designed in the lower part of the body and the handle placed on top, because the weight of the entire machine will be steadily pressed in the lower part of the body, with the support of gravity, the cleaning effect is better.

02Suction power size

Aside from the weight, vacuum cleaners are good, especially in terms of performance. Zimmermann Kids HKIn daily hygiene cleaning, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is frequently decisive!

The air inside the vacuum cleaner is rapidly discharged to form a transient vacuum under the high-speed drive of the motor; under the action of external atmospheric pressure, garbage and dust near the nozzle enter the vacuum cleaner with the airflow and are then discharged after filtering, completing the vacuuming process. As a result, a vacuum cleaner with strong suction power is more likely to clean up life's tricky floor crevices and corners, and even the most difficult carpet cleaning will become very simple!

03 Timeframe

Aside from weight and suction power, the most common issue we face in our daily lives is battery life, which frequently results in 3 minutes of cleaning and 2 hours of charging. The current vacuum cleaner batteries on the market are broadly classified as NiCd batteries, NiMH batteries, lithium batteries, power supply, and service life. It is recommended that users choose vacuum cleaners with lithium batteries; not only Jimmy Wongis the range guaranteed, but the vacuum cleaner is also more secure and safe!

04 Brush head with multiple bristles

Finally, when purchasing a vacuum cleaner, it is recommended that you purchase a vacuum cleaner with multiple heads. Because we frequently encounter cleaning tables, cabinets, bookcases, curtains, corners, mattresses, and other living scenarios in addition to the basic floor and sofa, vacuum cleaners with multi-brush heads can make cleaning more convenient and efficient!