Drinking whiskey also headache

Yesterday, I talked to a friend and said that drinking too much headache, especially drinking white wine, said drinking whiskey is better, I said I also have the same feeling, there is really a related article to share! (In good quality liquor, the content of aldehydes and miscellaneous alcohol oils is also very little, not easy to whisky coursecause headaches and other problems.) For example, Maotai. But because the domestic liquor industry is uneven, many unscrupulous merchants use not grain-based liquor, but edible alcohol blended and made, this kind of wine drinking headache is strange. I drank fake two pot head, drink at noon, the next day at noon still in the headache, like just finished drinking, buzzing.

There are two main ingredients that give people headaches, one is aldehydes and the other is hash oil, both of which are by-products of the spirits production process. White spirits use solid-state fermentation, while whiskey uses liquid fermentation.

Although the flora used in solid-state fermentation can give liquor a very complex aroma, there is one drawback: the process is not easy tocarpet and hard floor steam cleaner control, and it is easy to produce more aldehydes and hash oil, especially hash oil, which can give liquor more flavor, but also easy to make people headache. Whisky uses liquid fermentation, the fermentation process is carried out in the fermenter, easier to control the temperature and environment and other elements, so it is not easy to produce too much aldehydes and weed oil

Whiskey is commonly used in the second distillation, to remove more impurities, and most of the condensation used in the liquor will also filter out part of the lipids, which can further relieve headaches, while liquor is commonly used in the first distillation, the residue of impurities in the liquor will be relatively more.

Raw materials are also an important reason. In addition, the main oil from the bush umbilical cord, so some bush as the raw material of spirits drinking more likely to make people have a headache side effects, while the raw material of single malt whiskey is wheat seeds, the production of inositol oil is less, the side effects of headache will also be alleviated some.

Naturally, drink a big headache the next day, and also drink a lot of alcohol, but that whiskey is relatively drink after the head does not hurt, different (alcohol strength) most people drink 3-5 glasses of whiskey (about 3 two) the next day with no drink, I anyway, as long as not mixed wine, drink whiskey has not had a headache, white Kids21 wine indeed drink 2 two the next day may be, so drink not much, (good white wine is also very expensive). Do not drink too much alcohol, oh, the body is their own.