Coconut sponge

These communities can be designed to simulate different environments in which bacteria may like to grow. kitchen scrubber manufacturerA large community is similar to an environment where many microbial species can mix freely, while a small community is similar to a bacterium that can maintain an independent space. Interestingly, regardless of the size of the habitat, the final result is the same: bacteria have evolved into a community with only one or two surviving strains, but the medium-sized bacterial community has the greatest diversity.

“Small amounts of nutrients inhibit bacteria that rely on corporate interactions to survive, while excessive nutrients inhibit bacteria that students can grow independently,” Dr. You explained. “But the middle is just enough to maximize the diversity of survivors in our microbial community. This may explain why the coco sponges in the kitchen are the best habitat for microbes, which have been studied to provide an isolated cavity for microbes and to co-exist in a variety of sizes, mimicking the health effects of the soil, which is a favorite of bacteria.

To prove this, the researchers also tested a common household coconut sponge and found that it can cultivate microbial diversity better than anything used in the laboratory before. Dr Yau said: "It has been proved that coconut sponge is a very simple method, which can realize multi-level distribution of nutrients and improve the whole microbial community. Perhaps this is why it is so dirty-the structure of coconut sponge is the perfect home for microorganisms. "

The bacteria are spread in common household coconut sponges

These results provide a framework for scientists studying different bacterial communities to test which structural environments are most suitable for their research and which companies that use bacteria in their production must take into account.

This kind of dish cloth is very popular in major enterprises, supermarkets and online, because the things they need to scrub need special management, which is convenient and clean, and the stains that are difficult to clean can be wiped off quickly. So many students have given it a name, such as: Nano Coconut Sponge Wipe, Magic Wipe, Kline Wipe, Decontamination Coconut Sponge, Magic Coconut Sponge, Magic Wipe ... Its purpose is to develop all kinds of stains without adding detergent, as long as you use water, and you will choose to fall in love after using it. Many people buy by the box before they start, thinking that it is safer and more environmentally friendly for users to wash dishes without detergent ... This product company that affects the clean production of Coconut City not only washes the bowls cleanly, but also "brushes the cups and utensils", and the stoves and shoes have no stains to wipe anyway, and the price is very cheap, so 50 yuan can buy a large box. The sales of every online store are considerable, and it seems that thousands of families are constantly using society to learn things.

Bathing coconut sponge, divided into artificial coconut sponge and natural coconut sponge two kinds. Bath balls and coconut sponges serve the same purpose -- play, foam and foam. That's it... Bathe in anything. When you wash your hair, it is a natural foam. Personally, I don't think the foam machine is very important... Foam a lot of kids have fun, but don't wash it, give me personal experience. . .. You can usually get a lot of mud out of the foam. Wash the oil off the surface of the skin, then rub some mud. The advantage of Bath ball is to save bath fluid, a pump is enough, foam big.

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