Common mistakes and reasons for using gelatine

The technical content of using gelatine is very low, so "it cannot set" is usually a low-level mistake, which is a mistake that damages the coagulation power of gelatine. for example:

The gelatine soaking time is too short and the gelatine is not soaked, which affects the dissolution of the gelatine,Chicken Collagen leaving gelatin particles and part of the gelatine failing to condense; the soaking temperature is too high and the gelatin partially melts prematurely; the amount of soaking water is not enough and the gelatine tablets are not Completely immersed in water, insufficient water absorption affects dissolution; gelatin is added to high-temperature liquid for too long, and the coagulation force is damaged; gelatin usage is incorrectly calculated, weighed incorrectly, left behind when drained, etc.

Another situation is: there is no problem with gelatine, but the solution mixed with it is made incorrectly,Collagen Peptides and there are differences in properties. For example, if the British milk filling is made incorrectly, even if gelatine is added (a small amount of course to ensure a smooth taste), the milk filling will collapse after condensation. But if you add enough gelatin, you can hide the problem of English milk filling. Therefore, just because many desserts are well shaped does not mean they are qualified. Excessive use of gelatine is also a mistake.

After using too much gelatine, the taste becomes gummy. For example, the texture of marshmallows will become tough and sticky;5g Gelatin Sheet the mousse will lose its smooth and dense texture; the jam will turn into jelly and lose its semi-liquid state...all are mistakes.

It is not common to say that a pastry chef deliberately sacrifices the taste and adds a large amount of gelatin to ensure the shape of the product. More often than not, many people cannot tell that they have overdosed on gelatine, so they cannot consciously adjust the formula. The lack of tasting ability and the inability to accurately grasp the best texture and flavor are the shortcomings of many pastry chefs' professional abilities.